Facial Services

~ Image Skincare ~

Deep Pore Cleansing

NUVO Signature Facial  $80

This treatment does it all! Tightens skin with retinol, brightens the skin with antioxidants of grape seed and green tea, lightens the skin with fruit extracts, nourishes the skin with a blend of A, E & C vitamins, soothes skin with chamomile, cucumber and aloe vera, and hydrates with pure hyaluronic acid. Helps reduce inflammation, smooth fine lines and improve the look of dull/damaged skin.

Problem Skin Treatment  $85

This clinical acne facial is designed to immediately treat excess oil and superficial blemishes. In just one treatment, oils are removed with salicylic acid, bacteria are killed with benzoyl peroxide and dead skin cells vanish with a natural blend of pineapple and papaya enzymes.

Back Facial Treatment $85

This treatment is our NUVO Signature Facial, which includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a gentle steaming of the back. Next, a stress relieving massage is followed by a mask that best suits your skin.


Anti-Aging Treatments

The Max Treatment $105

An innovative anti-aging treatment providing ultimate correction, prevention and nutrition to the skin with plant-derived stem cells, peptides and botanicals. Skin will instantly look refreshed, rejuvenated, hydrated and balanced.

O2 Lift $125

Enhancing The Max Facial, this luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells and high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Wrinkle Lift Treatment $75

This 30 minute ultra-resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier.

Perfection Lift Peel $95

PRETREATMENT IS REQUIRED. A blend of salicylic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid in combination with powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides and plant-derived stem cells for maximum effective skin resurfacing.

Enhancers  $20

Add any one of our customized Enhancers to your facial for extreme hydration and longer lasting results; all while instantly reducing the signs of aging.

Eye Contour Treatment $30

Plant active ingredients and specific techniques combine to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, tone eyelids and improve signs of fatigue.Can be added to any facial.


~ Innovative Skincare ~

Rejuvenating Facial $80

This intensively revitalizing treatment, formulated with hylauronic acid, aloe vera, green tea extract, licorice root extract, grape seed extract and rosemary extract smoothes and hydrates your skin. Great for sensitive, over exposed and sunburned skin.

Innovative Facial $125

The Fire & Ice Experience

This intensive clinical treatment is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes, softens and encourages cellular renewal.  This incredible treatment awakens your senses, incorporating both active and soothing formulas which evoke aromas of warm cinnamon spice and brisk cool peppermint. To achieve maximum results, a series of 6 is recommended.