Q&A with an Aesthetician: Summer Facials

Today, we sat down with our amazing and very experienced aesthetician, Meshell, for quick question & answer about facials, and how to give your skin a little bit more love. 

Q: Why should clients invest in professional facials?

A: It’s SO important to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated which is exactly what a facial will provide you! Professional facials go above and beyond the usual wash-your-face night time routine. We analyze your skin, and care as needed. 

Receiving facials regularly can help reduce wrinkles + fine lines, rejuvenate skin from extensive sun exposure, illuminate the skin’s surface, correct hyper-pigmentation, improve acne, balance the skin and much more! Basically, if you haven’t received one yet, you’re missing out! 

We offer several different services from our popular signature facial to complete resurfacing facials. You can find our full facial menu here: http://nuvodayspa.com/facial-services/ 

Q: What is the best age to start getting regular facials?

A: You start scheduling regular facials in your late 20’s — this is the age in where our hormones begin to drastically change! Hydration is the absolute key when it comes to preventing the anti-aging process. 

Keep in mind: you want to make sure you are not using harsh chemicals and tons of targeted anti-aging products when you are in your early 20’s or younger. Your skin could actually become immune to those key ingredients by the time you actually would need to start using them.

Q: What are your favorite products to use to protect your skin from sun damage?

A: The best thing you can do to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays is to use sunscreen regularly. It’s as simple as that! My favorite is Image Skincare’s matifying + moisturizing SPF. It is an oil-free sunscreen that delivers high sun protection in a mattifying, antioxidant-rich base that’s perfect for oily and acne-prone skin types. It doubles as a protective primer to create a healthy glow before makeup application! PS: you can pick one up for yourself at the Nuvo! 

Q: Can facials help repair sun damage? 

A: YES! Your skin cells turn over every 25-28 days (turn over begins to slow down as we age). When you receive regular facials that exfoliate and moisturize your skin, this can help speed up the turn over process and rejuvenate your skin!

Meshell recommends scheduling a facial once a month or a season! Book a facial with her by giving us a call or scheduling here: http://nuvodayspa.com/appointment-request/ 

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